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Ten points to consider when choosing your area:

  1. How close is your work?
  2. Are you far from a major motorway or arterial route?
  3. Do you have far to drive to the nearest train station?
  4. Are there good schools nearby?
  5. Is there a good shopping precinct in the area?
  6. Is your home within a new development estate where street quality is governed by a Plan of Development and/or Covenants?
  7. Are parks and recreational areas available close by?
  8. How much are the blocks of land in this area?
  9. What size are the blocks being sold?
  10. When will the land be registered & ready to purchase? How long do you have to wait?
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homes for sale

Ten points to consider when choosing your block:

  1. Is the Lot subject to a flood overlay?
  2. Are there bush & trees within 100 metres – triggering BAL?
  3. Is it within close proximity to a major road so it has noise attenuation requirements?
  4. Is it situated opposite a corner so car lights shine in?
  5. Is there significant slope over the Lot?
  6. Is there a storm water or sewer easement over the Lot?
  7. Are complete Disclosure Plans available at time of sale?
  8. Is the land in a Priority Development area?
  9. What is the aspect of the Lot to north and east?
  10. How large or small is the block?

Note: we did not mention how much is your block? Sometimes blocks are cheaper than others. Don’t get caught -there is usually good reason for this!

All these things can drastically affect the cost to build your home. Exercise due care & seek unbiased advice

If you know the amount you are spending on your block of land & how much there is available to spend on the house you want. Then choose which Building company can provide the best value, with the best inclusions and build quality and ask them to check your choice of block.

Our block is fantastic – how do we secure it?

  1. Fill out an EOI (Expression of Interest) form and pay a $1K, $2K, $3K or $5K * fully refundable deposit to secure your chosen block. *This amount depends on the Estate requirements and the deposit is presented to the Developer’s Solicitor usually via their Sales Representative.
  2. The Developers Solicitor prepares the Land Contract and it is sent to you or your solicitor
  3. You arrange to meet with your solicitor who should have read & checked the contract and will explain to you any points you should be aware of, assist you to sign the contract & send it to the Developer or their Solicitor for counter signing.
  4. The Balance of 10% deposit is be paid at this time
  5. This is your purchase of your land for your brand new home so arrange to meet with your broker or Lender to discuss the time line for your loan approval and ensure all fully signed contract documents have been received by your lender. Chase this up yourself to ensure there are no delays.
  6. Communicate regularly with your broker / lender, your solicitor and the land sales agent so nothing gets missed.
  7. From the time you pay your deposit on the land, search out the best design for your block for the money you have available. And keep your chosen builder updated with your finance & its unconditional approval
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Where can we build?

Land Estates – we build in:

Anywhere in Brisbane and across the Gold Coast

Sample estates offering quality flat blocks at affordable prices for the area in which they are situated, are listed below:

Villa World – Killara

What are the land prices?
For 10.5m x 30.0m Lots the prices are around $182,000
For 12.5m x 30.0m Lots the prices are around $202,000

find homes for sale
houses for sale QLD

Flagstone Rise – Yarrabilba

What are the land prices?
For 10.5m x 32.0m Lots the prices are around $172,000
For 11.6m x 25.0m Lots the prices are around $151,000

homes for sale QLD

Villa World – Arundel Springs

What are the land prices?
For 10.5m x 30.0m Lots the prices are around $315,000
For 12.5m x 30.0m Lots the prices are around $342,500

modern house design plans
modern house design

Stockland – Pallara

What are the land prices?
For 12.5m x 25.0m Lots the prices are around $265,000 – $285,000

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What if we have our own land?

We can build one of our designs on your land provided we first are in receipt of a survey plan, disclosure plan for the block showing the dimensions, contours and any easements across the block, As Constructed plans showing the layout of the storm water and sewer, plus their connection points, and the location and depths of the nearest manholes.

We will also require a copy of the Plan of Development or Covenants if your block is in a new estate. These will show the approved setbacks and the building envelope.

If the land is registered we will require you to provide us with soil tests or we can arrange them and invoice you for these. This is vitally important so we can determine how reactionary the soil is, if piering may be required and the type and thickness of the slab and its particular design requirements.

We are then able to provide accurate site costs for your job, before building commences.

If your dream is to own your own home on a freehold block of land – you can make this dream come true – Ask us how & enquire now:

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